What is iGEM?


The International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Competition is a unique research experience in which teams dedicate themselves to an intense summer of designing and building biological systems. The goal is to produce organisms with new or unusual properties to tackle modern problems and evolve the field of synthetic biology. This experience leads students to think creatively about modern biology while gaining a wide range of technical skills. Outside of the lab, teams are also expected to complete a human practices component which includes assessing the ethical and societal implications of their technology, networking with industry professions and engaging in outreach activities with the local community.


Igem_from_above_croppedUBC has been participating in iGEM since 2009 and has consistently received gold medal awards for their projects. Projects have included developing novel biosensors for detecting infectious diseases, producing molecules to battle the Pine Beetle epidemic , building co-dependant bacterial communities, developing methods for mining and directed evolution and engineering probiotics for bees. 

You can learn more about the competition here


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